Welcome to the CloudSME Simulation Platform!


The CloudSME Simulation Platform (CSSP) offers a PaaS for migrating existing simulation applications to cloud infrastructures in the form of data-driven workflows, with the help of a feature-rich user interface provided by WS-PGRADE/gUSE. Both commercial (like Amazon EC2 and CloudSigma) and free-of-charge (like OpenNebula and OpenStack-based) cloud infrastructures available in the CloudSME project are available for use.

Additionally, the CSSP hosts different customized interfaces for the different simulation applications in the CloudSME project (like the Podoactiva Validator). Moreover, different cloud job submission wizards are available that ease the simulation porting task.
Registered users and application developers can access CSSP via ordinary web browsers (recommended Firefox, Opera, Chrome). Application developers can access to all the advanced workflow features (graph, abstract workflow, template, application and project) to develop new workflow applications and upload them to the CSSP repository. For simulation end-users CSSP gives full access to the parameterization and execution of simulation applications available in the gateway.

Test of available resources


This statistics is created on the base of daily job submissions testing the availability of the connected academic (BIFI ,SZTAKI,WESTMINSTER) and business (Amazon, CloudSigma ) cloud resources.
The "-wrapper" extension in the name of clouds distinguish experiments performed by run time delivered user executables from the submissions using pre deployed applications.




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